Grading & Excavation Contractor

The construction industry is growing at a fast rate in North Texas. Professional Grading & Excavation Contractors are in high demand. This service is required for almost any part of the construction process big or small.

Site services offered by a Grading & Excavation Contractor

Grading & Excavation Contractors offer many different services in the construction industry. The site services offered by JW Tractor Work include:

Survey and assessment of the site. The Grading & Excavation Contractor surveys the site for all the factors that must be determined in grading. The factors include soil type, elevation, underground utilities and other structures or hazards in proximity of the work site.  The survey also includes access for trucks and equipment. Type of machinery needed, amount of material needed and the estimated time for the work to be completed just to name a few.

Depending on location proper permits may or may not be needed. The Grading & Excavation Contractor can help guide you to the proper authority if needed.

Site excavation: Once the site is surveyed and an agreement has been made, the excavator now can excavate the site. Professional and experienced operators determine the best way the excavation should be undertaken. Part of the excavation could involve transportation of the excavated material. Excavating machines such as tracked, or rubber-tired equipment is used for this type of service.

Grading: After all unwanted material have been removed from the site the grading begins. The grading can involve cut and fill or back filling depending on the site. The grading requires leveling and compaction to ensure the expectation has been met. The Grading & Excavation Contractor can utilize many different materials for grading such as Topsoil, high clay content Select Fill, Cushion Sand and various types of Gravel.

Grading & Excavation Contractor services

The Grading & Excavation Contractor can provide services anywhere there is a need for grading and excavation. They Include, but not limited to:

Horse Arena Construction

Round Pen Construction

Residential House Pads

Shop Pads

Small Gravel Driveways

Long Gravel Driveways and Roads

Culvert Installation

All other types of Dirt, Sand and Gravel Work.

Selecting a Grading & Excavation Contractor

There are many Grading and Excavation Contractors that are available to offer these services. JW Tractor Work takes pride in offering an experienced, honest and professional service. For over 17 years JW Tractor Work has been providing a tailored service to meet or exceed the needs of each individual. We work hard to keep commitments and keeping the customer informed. Justin Wilson is the owner and operator of JW Tractor work and believes this is what makes us stand out from the rest.