Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveway

If you have an old asphalt or concrete driveway that needs to be repaired. Consider a quality driveway gravel to resurface and make the repair. You may have a new gravel driveway that needs to be built or an older gravel driveway that requires repair or modification. Using a quality gravel driveway material may be the solution. Gravel Driveways are budget friendly as compared to other solid surface options. You may perceive gravel products to be of lower quality. The right gravel driveway material disapproves this thought. Many people have chosen to use crushed gravel on their driveways due to the many advantages it has.

Why have a gravel driveway?

Crushed Gravel Driveway

For most homeowner’s gravel driveway materials such as Granite or Limestone is a very sustainable material. It’s an environmentally friendly material that is often a much more affordable option than a concrete or asphalt type material.

The cost of developing a gravel driveway is less expensive than most of the other paving alternatives such as asphalt or pure concrete. The abundance of gravel makes it cheaper and affordable and retains its high quality and stability.

Utilizing gravel has less maintenance and installation cost. As apart from purchasing of the gravel material, one only pays for installation cost with no extra materials to buy.

The time it takes for installing a gravel driveway is less than other hard surface options. When you need to construct a long-lasting driveway within days; crushed driveway gravel is the solution.

Crushed gravel driveways have other benefits when used. A quality driveway gravel provides a good all-weather driveway, the correct material is typically non-permeable allowing for minimal water penetration and when changing the driveway, it does not require a lot of resources and labor.

Installation of gravel driveways

The installation of a gravel driveways requires some expertise and equipment for it to have a good look and remain durable. It’s very important to select the proper gravel driveway material. Install at the right depth and width to. The new gravel driveway or the gravel driveway that needs to be repaired should be properly prepped. The ground may need to be leveled or a roadbed may need to be built. Water flow and drainage factors need to be considered as well. JW Tractor Work is an experienced gravel driveway contractor who specializes in all type of gravel driveway work.

So, if it’s a new gravel driveway that needs to be built. A current gravel driveway that needs to be repaired. Or a gravel driveway extension you may need for a parking or turnaround area. Contact JW Tractor Work.

Proper Selection of the gravel driveway material:

There are many gravel options when considering what gravel driveway material is best for your needs. Here at JW Tractor Work we prefer to work either Crushed Granite or Crushed Limestone.

  • Crushed Granite is an angular solid gravel material. Crushed Granite is a consistent material that people often refer to as a blue/grey rock. Crushed Granite has a nice clean look with a good appearance to show off your home or property. It’s a great final grade gravel and will work as a base rock to. Most Granite rock in the North Texas area comes from Oklahoma. The rock is trucked into local rock yards from Oklahoma, dumped then reloaded back out to be delivered to the job site. This makes for efficient work and faster completion of the project.
  • Crushed Limestone is typically a white colored rock not to be confused with Kelechi rock. There is a big difference on quality between the two. Limestone is typically bigger than granite and solidifies well. It makes a great base rock for new gravel driveways or construction driveways. Limestone for the North Texas area often come from Oklahoma or the Northern edge of Texas near the Red River area. The rock is trucked into local rock yards, dumped then reloaded back out to be delivered to the job site. This makes for efficient work and faster completion of the project.

Why does JW Tractor work prefer Crushed Granite or Crushed Limestone over others?

When considering the type of gravel driveway material, it’s very important to have a material that has been crushed. The crushing allows for Fines to be made. Fines are fractured gravel chips and fine dust used to solidify the gravel material. Non angular gravel or gravel with no fines often referred to as a clean rock tend to push and roll not allowing for a sufficient gravel driveway base to be constructed.

Why Choose JW Tractor Work for your new gravel driveway or existing gravel driveway?

For over 17 years JW Tractor Work has been specializing in gravel driveway work.  We have experience in building driveways and can provide a good source of information to the customer, so they understand the scope of the work and feel comfortable using JW Tractor Work as their gravel driveway pro.